The Axis Federation (aka the Federation or the Communist/Ba'athist Powers Alliance Empire) is an alliance of Communist and Ba'athist Nations led by the nations known as the Soviet Union, Socalist Republic of Romania, The Socalist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, The People's Republic of China, The Socalist Libyan Jamahiryia, and Ba'athist Iraq to unite their rule of the world. They are the main antagonist faction of the Peculiar Army. They use Robots and Nuclear War Machines, in which they are named the Nuclear Powers.


The Axis Federation was founded by the Soviet Union after they backfired Nazi Germany's attempt to throw them out of the Axis Powers after Nazi Germany realized that the Soviet Union was communist and angering fellow Axis Powers. 

The Soviet Union helped create the Socalist Republic of Romania as Romania remained in the Axis Powers. Then Josip Broz Tito leader of the Yugoslavian SFR joined the movement as he recruited the Democratic Republic of North Korea's leader Kim Il Sung, The United Arab Republic and it's leader Gamal Abdel Nasser Hussein and the People's Republic of China with their leader Mao Zedong in which they helped create the Communist States in Indochina known as the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the Lao People's Democratic and Democratic Kampuchea.

Then later on after Muammar Gaddafi overthrew the Kingdom of Libya and created the Libyan Socalist Jamahiriya. He joined the Axis Federation as Saddam Hussein after he took over Iraq.

Later on the Axis Federation had taken over The British Rajah, Catalonia, Northeast America, Greece and Turkey as they helped the instalments of the Bulgarian, Polish, Hungarian, Chech, German, Afghan and Albanian Communist Governments.

Later on after doing after all of that notorious mastermind Amenotep Obold was angered that these governments created Socailism which he believed could destroy Capitalism (which he believes is the will of the Gods) and decides to recruit an army of Peculiars and Mages to brainwash Yimbrynes to kidnap Peculiars Imprisoned by Yimbrynes who are hiding them from him and use them as levrage to frame the Peculiars and Mages for crimes against the Axis Federation and Obold himself will keep on ruining their chances to get fair lives and great futures unless they serve him and destroy the Axis Federation and serve the will of the Gods.

After this misphap and the Rebellions from the Peculiar and Mage followers of Obold, The Axis Federation's Socalist/Communist/Ba'athist Tyranny got way worse as they decided to kill all Peculiars, Mages, their loved ones and close friends by any means nessesary to keep their regime over the world. 

However Peculiars come from Nations and areas not under Communist/Ba'athist Regime such as France, Belguim, The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, The Imperial State of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Omar, The Iranian Puppet State of Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Italy (Kingdom of Italy), Norway, Sweden, Spain, West Germany (Nazi Germay), West Coast America, The South Part of America, The West Part of America, The Center Part of America, Mexico, Central America, South America, All of Africa (except for Algeria, Tunsia, Libya and Egypt), The State of Spain, Taiwan, Indonesia, Portugal, Japan etc.  

Member StatesEdit