Located at the Moody Instruments Shipyard on the West Beaches side of the ditch. A cross between Blackwater International, and the Cousteau Society. A small private holding belonging to VADM Rudolph Beggley where undersea studies and oceanic engineering is conducted.

The Spectre Steamwerks is a bunkered; six bayed, over head crane submarine boat overhaul facility. It is steel reinforced concrete is covered by at least a foot of soil and landscaped with a fine garden. A small hamlet disguises gun emplacements, various defense apparatus's, and a shipping and receiving are. So well made and kept they quite often these homes are used all of the employees, whom are also trained riflemen and women skilled and drilled on security measures, for frequent overnight stays. Guests generally feel it unsettling to have morning tea in a back sunroom next to a high caliber howitzer.

By far a smaller plant than many of the major shipyards along the St. Johns River they do not manufacture submarine boat hulls. Those they buy and retrofit their own engineering systems themselves. North, down the hill that is the submarine base is an industrial complex and laboratories