Description: Large balding mammoths rumored to roam the hills and mountains of northern Georgia. Speculated to be related to the Woolly Mammoths of the last ice age, that somehow evolved to survive in the harsh climes of the southern Appalachians, lurking un-found in the deep forests of the area. Or possibly a group of circus elephants that escaped when their train was attacked by a large mechanical rat bent on taking the cash box and a couple of cute contortionist from the sideshow. (Neither the cash or the contortionists were found.)

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Giant Mechanical Insect

Description: A large, metallic praying mantis the size of a small carriage in possession of Shankhill Butchers. The origin of this metal monstrosity is unknown. Used in the attack on the Mayor's Office and the Kidnapping of Stella Luna by Molly Starks. At the close of this encounter, the diabolical machine was destroyed by His Honor, the Mayor. It may or may not be prototype for even larger and deadlier version.

Relevant Events: Attack on Mayor's Office and Kidnapping of Stella Luna.

Related Personas: Shankhill Butchers

The Great Ornithopter Race of 1889

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The Great Moonshot

Related Personas : Professor Von Ahrent