The Cowford Astra-Luna Cannon is a device for the propulsion on Manned Capsules beyond the hold of earths Gravity for the purpose of traveling to, exploring and developing the moon, planets and other heavenly bodies as available.

It's barrel uses the Multi-ignition discharge principle to accelerate the capsules with out creating forces that would crush the crew, maxing out at 7 to 10 times the normal effect of gravity for a short period. In order to achieve this, the Barrel of the Cannon is approximate two and one half miles long, with all but the last 800 feet buried within the ground for support.

Due to this arrangement and the high watter table in the area, access to the breach and lower powder cells on the cannon is by submersible from the headquarters building (know to locals as the “Squid” due to its resemblance to a coiled octopus when seen from the air) located approximately 5 miles west of where the barrel protrudes from the earth.